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The Web and Beyond 2012

If you had the pleasure of experiencing the Beyond in 2010, we hereby want to inform you that we're going Beyond again at the 2012 Edition of The Web and Beyond.


Since #TWAB2010 a lot of things have happened in the world of business, customers and internet. We are trying to fit a tight schedule of awesome experiences and knowledge about these changes in one day. This will be your day to experience the Beyond in 2012.


The theme we've choosen this year, Momentum, is deeply connected to the shift more companies are embracing. A lot of books have already acknowledged this shift and are urging you to do the same. Companies that will not adjust to this new way of interacting with their customers, might be put aside by smaller companies and startups that do embrace this shift.


The Web and Beyond 2012 will show you how to connect with your customers. If you are wondering, is it even possible to change my company towards a more customer approached method of running a business? Yes. And we're eager to show you how to do this at #TWAB2012!


Dates: 25 september for workshops, 26 september for conference

Location: Tropenmuseum Amsterdam