CHI Nederland

Amalia Kallergi



Kun je iets over jezelf vertellen? Wie ben je en wat doe je?

I am Amalia and I come from Greece and Computer Science. I left both for the charms of the Mediatechnology master program in Leiden University, a study which focuses on creative exploration and on the understanding of science and technology. After graduation, I worked as a scientific programmer for the Imaging & BioInformatics group (LIACS, Leiden University) involved in the development of the CSIDx imaging database for the Cyttron project. In the meantime, I taught in the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, trying to lure artists into the beauty of programming. Since March 2008, I am a PhD student for the above mentioned group and project, investigating modes of playful interaction with image data.

Hoe ben je met het vakgebied (CHI / UX) in aanraking gekomen?

Retrospectively, I suppose HCI was the topic that interested me most during Computer Science. Studying Mediatechnology was a conscious attempt to explore the field in more creative and surprising ways.

Then again, I dare say that working with (new?) media is, to a great extend, all about interfacing or formulating interactions.  And, I guess, the projects I like to spend time on have always something to do with creating opportunities or spaces for experience and interpretation.

Kun je het in het kort vertellen wat je allemaal doet voor de aanstaande CHI conferentie?

My major task has been organizing the art track of the CHI-NL conference, that is, a small (art) exhibition to accompany the conference event. The aim was to provide our visitors with some examples of interactive works that apply contemporary technologies to create interfaces or experiences, hinting at opportunities for new modes of interaction. The scope of the exhibition was, of course, too broad and almost too ambiguous but we believe to have compiled an inspiring collection of artistic interfaces and interactive pieces, gathering together a diverse group of exhibitors from research institutes to artists to students.


Het onderwerp van de conferentie is change, wat betekent dat voor jou?

I suppose change is about challenging preconceptions. And about being willing to cross disciplinary boundaries.  There might be new and exciting areas to be found where domains intersect or boundaries are blurred and this is of relevance also to the way we work, create or do research. 


Wat verwacht je van de conferentie?

Flow and exchange. And a lot of questions, hopefully from a varying, multidisciplinary audience.   


Tot slot, welke sprekers of sessies op het programma mogen we niet missen en waarom?

The art track! Next to the plenty of great presentations, there is another ‘stage’ downstairs where creators will share their work and approach on contemporary technologies and topics relevant to HCI. So come downstairs, and feel free to touch, play, look and, why not?, just enjoy!