CHI Nederland

Interview Timi Stoop-Alcala

Name Timi Stoop-Alcala
Function Social Business Analyst / Proprietor, Social Sense Consultancy
Rold at Conference

Communications Chair



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Can you tell something about yourself? Who are you and what do you do?

I'm from the Philippines and have been living in the Netherlands for nine years. My professional experience is rooted in creative writing, journalism, print communications and education (formal and non-formal). In the Netherlands I had stints as information architect and content manager, but focused eventually on business analysis and strategic planning at Media Catalyst (Amsterdam). My expertise was in global-local integration of product pages, content stores, and gaming community sites. Working now as a freelancer, I realised my passion lies more in the social side of business analysis – social strategy or social business design – and that is where I'm immersing myself right now. I'm also a blogger:



I'm quite ingeburgeerd:I love boerenkool and I can even eat drop (although I still consider salmiak vile). I speak and write in Dutch but I'm being lazy now so writing this piece in English. My fave Dutch word: luiwammes (in context of cats). Just rolls of the tongue, don't you think?


Hoe did you come into contact with the HCI field?

I've always loved games and storytelling, so the shift from print to online came naturally for me as interactive narratives provided new ways of seeing the world and telling stories. In fact, I met my Dutch husband in the Two Towers Multi-User Dunegon (MUD) in 2000 (role-playing text-based game). We were both elves ;-) That's the short version of how I landed in Holland.


Direct link to Chi would have to be attributed to Sanne 't Hooft, the current Conference Chair. He was my teacher at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam where I studied Interactive Media.


Can you tell us what you will be doing for the upcoming Web & Beyond conference?

 As Communications Chair, I'm in-charge of the website creation, develoment and management. I focus on copy development and requirements analysis. I also do the newsletters and social media communications. Of course, this is all possible because of two passionate interaction designers and developers I work with: Nick van der Linde and Marijn Scholtus.

This is my first time being a part of the TWAB team, and it's really a cool experience working with such people -- all volunteers who do these kinds of things out of passion for the (UX) community.


The subject of the conference is Proximity, what does that mean to you personally?

 Proximity for me is the dynamics – the spaces, flows and relations – partly created by mostly social-oriented technologies. Real-time info, emotional interface, social and targetted messages, mobility, public and private spaces – all of which makes us, not the Web, the ultimate destination. While such developments create new intimacies and affordances, I'm also interested in what these technologies are driving away. If the Web now is so near us (all and around us), I wonder what is it that it takes us farther away from?


What are your expectations of the conference?

Lots of positive energy from the speakers and participants; new acquaintances, seeing old friends; a chance to get to know the speakers up and close; a long and tiring (but inspiring) day. I'll be the very pregnant lady walking aroound and tweeting (I'll be on my 8th month then!) ;-)


Lastly, which speakers or sessions in the conference should we be sure not to miss?

Keynotes of course, but since I'm keenly interested in social+business+ubiquity, I'd personally want to go to the sessions by Lee Bryant (how social web enables intimacy at scale), Anton Nijholt (non-cooperative behaviour), Joe Lamantia (design for social augmented reality), Stephen Anderson (exposing data to influence change), Chris Fahey (emotional interfaces) and Jemina Gibbons (social tools in the corporate world).