CHI Nederland

13 maart 2000

Raghu Kolli (Meru Research)

This talk described the key phases in a typical information appliance project: start-up, context scenarios, application concepts, design and prototyping, communication.

Each phase consists of a number of tasks, e.g. making scenarios, evaluating scenarios, etc. For each task, a number of techniques are listed. The cross functional team members that may be involved in the execution of the tasks are identified. Various phases were illustrated with examples from the Maypole project - a collaborate project funded by the European Commission for developing innovative information appliances for families (for more information on the Maypole project, see

About the presenter

Raghu Kolli is the founder and director of Meru Research, a company providing process methodology and interaction design services to product development teams. Previously, he held the position of an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology. He is an evaluator and expert consultant to the European Commission on human factors and interaction design related issues. Raghu can be contacted or +31 15 268 2564.