CHI Nederland

Algemene Ledenvergadering (bijeenkomstverslag - engels)


Igor Freeke, Peter Boersma, Martijn Klomphouwer, Gerard van Os, Daniel Salber, Coen Fischer, Laurens van Wouwe, Bernard Weerdmeester, Joerka Deen (chairman), Tjeerd de Boer, Jeroen Visser, Henk de Poot, Maartje van Hardeveld, Joris van Gaal, Reinder Verlinde.


Joerka opens the meeting at 21:15. He also states the reason why we have this general members meeting at an unusual time of the year: the board decided that it was better to have the changes in the board after the lustrum conference. Therefore, this meeting includes a change of board, but not the approval of financial issues.


The chair tells about the events since the last general members meeting. Foremost of these is the lustrum. A strong team of volunteers made this a great success.

During the lustrum conference, SIGCHI.NL elected its first honorary member: Gerit van der Veer, one of the founders of SIGCHI.NL and a leading person in HCI in the Netherlands.

Last but not least the chairman thanks all volunteers that worked so hard to make the SIGCHI.NL lustrum such a big success.

Minutes of the previous meeting
The members present approve of the minutes of the general members meeting of februari 11, 2004.

Plan for 2005

The chair announces that the board has outlined several key areas for the next year:
  • Public Relations, communications
  • Education
  • Small offices (in Dutch: MKB, midden- en kleinbedrijf)
  • Local groups

The board also is thinking about creating an advisory board ('Raad van advies').

Finally, the board thinks that it is time to renew the SIGCHI.NL house style.

Branding of SIGCHI.NL

The board realizes that the name 'SIGCHI.NL' is not ideal: it is hard to pronounce, and recognition rate amongst non-professionals is low.

Therefore, it asks the members how they think about changing the name.

This triggers a lively discussion. Key results of that are:

  • We should not make such a change without doing a SWOT analysis of the change
  • 'CHI' and 'SIGCHI' are of great value internationally and in education. Because of this, it is not a good idea to drop the 'SIGCHI' name
  • For our goal of reaching non-professionals, a different name would be better. Ideas mentioned here are: 'CHI Nederland','something with interaction', 'User Centered Design', 'Usability Nederland', 'Usability Vakvereniging', 'MMI in Nederland'
  • Moving the 'SIGCHI' part of the name to a less prominent place may make it easier to join forces with other organizations such as UPA. One of the members present thinks that ACM would not be against such a change
  • We should not make such a change without doing a SWOT analysis of the change

Relationship with ACM

Linked to this is the relationship with ACM. The board explains the situation:

  • SIGCHI.NL is a dutch 'vereniging'. As such, it is independent of the
  • The ACM thinks SIGCHI.NL falls under the rules for SIGCHI chapters. One rule applying here is that, if the vereniging were to decide to stop being an ACM chapter, all assets of the vereniging would be transferred to ACM (were somebody who wants to pick up the 'Dutch chapter of SIGCHI' crown could claim them for a few years)

The board poses the question whether we would like to stay a SIGCHI chapter. A discussion on this does not lead to a clear conclusion.

Raise of fees

The board proposes to raise the yearly fees from 30 to 32 (from 15 to 16 for the reduced fee). The reason for this is twofold: SIGCHI.NL wants to gradually become more professional. Doing that will raise expenses.

Moreover, CIBIT, where we used to cheaply let space for activities, has moved, so we will have to find something else. This likely will increase our costs for staging activities.

The meeting accepts the proposal with thirteen votes against one.

Election of new board

Three board members (Jeroen Visser, Joris van Gaal, and Maartje van Hardeveld) have chosen not to continue as members of the board. The chairman thanks them for their efforts. The board proposes to institute a new, smaller, board of five persons:
  •  Chair: Joerka Deen
  •  Treasurer: Tjeerd de Boer
  •  Scribe: Reinder Verlinde
  • Activities: Henk de Poot
  • Communications: Daniel Salber

The members meeting unanimously approves of this change.

Projects & Vacancies

The board has found project leaders for several of the key areas for the next year:
  • Public Relations: Peter Boersma
  • Small Offices (MKB): Gerard van Os
  • Local group Groningen: Rob Willems
  • Local group Eindhoven: Wouter Sluis

The board still is on the lookout for project leaders for the following projects:
  • Conference
  • Education
  • House style

Of course, volunteers for any of these teams are welcome, too.

Peter Boersma informs the meeting that his name can be written (in pencil) behind the 'Conference' project.


Peter asks whether the board can mention something they have done particularly well or incorrectly since the last general meeting.

The board mentions two shortcomings, but related to maintaining a good relationship with hard-working volunteers
  • at some time during the lustrum year, irritations rose between lustrum team and board. The lustrum team expected more guidance from the board with respect to goals of lustrum activities
  • after the lustrum year, some volunteers felt that they did not get the recognition they deserved for their efforts

The board has discussed both issues; results of this are:
  • the board has decided to be more clear up-front about what volunteers can expect of the board, and about what the board expects of volunteers
  • the board has chosen key areas to concentrate on this year

On top of this, the meeting suggests paying extra attention to the small things that make volunteers feel appreciated.

Peter also asks whether the board has ideas about cooperations with other organizations, both nationally and internationally.

Joerka replies that we do talk with other organizations such as the BNO. When doing this, we focus on practical win-win situation.


The chair closes the meeting at 22:05